Undergraduate College: Grooming Young Minds Today, To Help Them Change The World Tomorrow.

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Undergraduate colleges impart the first education a student receives after finishing formal schooling.

Different countries have different formats for their college education- both in terms of teaching patterns as well as duration of courses offered.

Typically, the duration of a course in such colleges is 3-5 years.

Another name for this is bachelor s degree colleges.

Colleges generally offer courses based on streams- arts, basic sciences, medical sciences, commerce, various forms of technology, financial courses, accountancy, business management, computer sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, agricultural sciences etc.


Undergraduate degree is considered the minimum essential qualification for several jobs.

Earlier, entry into undergraduate courses could be obtained based on the marks obtained in the last school exam. However, the growing competition and increase in the number of qualified and deserving candidates has propelled the introduction of admission tests and aptitude tests to ensure that only the best students become a part of a college.

Cut off for the admission test are set each year based on the highest percentage of marks obtained and the number of seats in each course.

After obtaining their bachelor s degrees, students may opt for higher education (known as post graduate studies) or go for professional diplomas to focus on a particular career option that they have chosen for themselves. Many students may also decide to join jobs directly after obtaining their undergraduate degrees, if they are eligible to do so.

It is important for a student to carefully choose not just the field of education he or she wants to pursue, but also to be very selective when deciding which college to attend.

Undergraduate colleges are important in shaping up a student s talents, interests, mind set, skill set and his or her entire future.

Earlier, colleges used to operate with the concept of academic year . Now, however, nearly every college has replaced this system with the newer trend of semesters , where two semesters make up one year. Examinations are held at the end of each semester.

Another trend currently picking up and getting introduced in several colleges is that students in their final year or final semesters have to pursue a dissertation work. This involves completion of a project relevant to the stream of study. Students are encouraged to choose a project topic of their interest. Very often students have to go to industries or location different from their college to pursue dissertation.

Thus, in their academic life itself, students get an opportunity to interact with industry environment. This helps them to get a better idea of what career they would like to pursue in the days to come and also helps them to judge their aptitude.

So, undergraduate colleges help students to have their first glimpse of the professional world. It helps to make the transition from children to young, mature adults. These colleges impart more than formal education- they are the first step in chalking out the entire personality of a student.

Undergraduate colleges are the first formal educational institutions after schooling. They offer courses spanning a period of 3-5 years. They provide the minimum essential qualification for many jobs.

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