‘Bright’ idea lights its way to win NASA contest

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 NASA Tech Briefs INSIDER newsletter 02/05/08 reports that the winner of the $20,000 first prize in the agency’s “Create the Future” contest is an invention called “Litroenergy”, the luminous output of micro particle “Litrospheres.” Their self-luminance reportedly endures for over 12 years. The spheres are inexpensive, making them useful in many […]

Using It Services In Denver For Businesses Of Any Size

More On This Topic: Accountants Specializing In Overseas Income American International Tax Advisors byAlma Abell IT services in Denver meet the needs of large and small businesses, as well as anyone who uses computing technology in that area. Today’s businesses use technology to boost efficiency and productivity. A company that provides IT services helps them […]

Lib Dems launch manifesto

Thursday, April 14, 2005 An exhausted Charles Kennedy returned to the election campaign to launch a twenty page Liberal Democrat manifesto targeted at disaffected Labour voters, promising a fairer tax system and withdrawal from Iraq. Entitled The Real Alternative the manifesto pledges to reduce the lowest rate of income tax, but increase the rate on […]

Senator Ted Stevens loses re-election bid in Alaska ballot

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 Alaskan U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, who turned 85 yesterday, narrowly lost his re-election bid to Mark Begich, the Democratic Mayor of Anchorage, Alaska. Meanwhile, as Alaska’s counting of the November 4 election is almost complete, Democratic challenger for the US House of Representatives, Ethan Berkowitz, conceded to incumbent Don Young, the […]

British Airways announces record losses

Saturday, May 23, 2009 British Airways (BA), the flag carrier for the United Kingdom, announced record losses today. For the first quarter of the year ending March 31, the airline reported losses of £401 million before tax, despite revenues which rose to £9 billion over the previous year. The company’s finances have suffered from rising […]