Buying Party Bags}

More On This Topic: Plastic Bags In Australia Best Plastic Bag Wholesale Submitted by: Catherine James For most of us, one of our fondest memories from childhood is going to our friends birthday parties. Of course, childrens parties always meant that elusive silly little plastic bag that we were given, with nothing more than a […]

Air Pacific re-brands as Fiji Airways

Saturday, June 29, 2013 Fiji’s national airline Air Pacific has now officially returned to its original name: Fiji Airways. Fiji Airways adopted the Air Pacific name in 1971, slightly prior to its first international flight on June 3, 1973. The re-brand was described by interim CEO Aubrey Swift as allowing the airline to align itself […]

States Challenge IR laws in High Court

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 High Court proceedings have commenced with every Australian state challenging the legality of the Howard Government’s radical new industrial relations workplace reforms. Acting Employment Protection Minister John Kobelke said the new laws reduced the pay, employment conditions and job security of many Western Australian workers and their families. The minister said […]