Types Of Prosthetic Procedures Used In Dentistry In Lafayette, La

byAlma Abell

Depending on the specific needs of you and your mouth, Prosthetic dentistry in Lafayette, LA can provide replacement for one or more of your teeth. The number of actual implants you will need will depend on if you are having a complete denture, single prosthesis or a partial denture. The more teeth being replaced, the more implants your prosthesis will require. The implants are placed in your mouth in a manner that will follow the actual shape of your jawbone.

Replacement of a Single Tooth

This option is used to replace two or more teeth and the most common implant procedure that is completed by Prosthetic dentistry in Lafayette, LA and may require only about two or three different implants.

Complete Dentures

This is when the prosthesis that is created will replace all of the teeth in both your lower and your upper jay. The number of implants that are used will be dependent on the type of the prosthesis that you ultimately choose.

Different Options for Complete Sets of Denture Prostheses

A prosthesis is a device that is used to replace your entire set of teeth and may be able to be fixed or removed. You need to consult with a restorative dentist in order to discuss the option that is ideal for your situation. When you utilize a removable prosthesis you will be able to remove your teeth from your mouth, which makes cleaning them much easier and more efficient. When you choose a fixed prosthesis, your new set of teeth will only be able to be removed by your dentist. There are some situations where a fixed prosthesis will offer additional stability, which provides more effective chewing abilities.

You need to carefully consider the options that are available and discuss them with your dentist to choose the one that best suits your specific needs. These dentures and prosthesis can provide you with a healthy looking smile that allow you to chew and talk better and can enhance and improve your self-confidence and give you a smile that you will be excited to show off.