Brain Atrophy And Vitamin B 12 Deficiency: Should You Be Using Supplements?

More On This Topic: Weight Loss Surgery Revision Los Angeles Brain Atrophy And Vitamin B-12 Deficiency: Should You Be Using Supplements? by Brenda Skidmore A recent nutritional research study published in ‘Neurology’ 2008; 71: 826-832, suggests that having lower end levels of vitamin B-12, often considered to be within an acceptable range, could be damaging […]

Exercise Is Crucial For Weight Loss Success Part 2

More On This Topic: Sleeve Gastrectomy Recovery Los Angeles Exercise Is Crucial for Weight-Loss Success- Part 2 by Seenath This is in continuation with the part 1. The exercise regime follows as: [youtube][/youtube] 16 Months after Surgery You should resume an exercise regimen two to three weeks after bariatric surgery. The goal is to increase […]