Does My Ex Girlfriend Still Love Me? Learning To Spot The Signs}

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Wondering whether or not you should try to get back together with your ex girlfriend? After a break up, many people fight for a second chance in their relationship. It’s common to want to hold onto someone when you still love them, especially if you think the romance can work. But does your ex still love you? Knowing the answer can make a big difference in whether or not you get her back.

For every break up there’s a potential reconciliation. For anyone trying to win back an exgirlfriend, you should understand and believe that fixing your breakup is not only possible, but actually pretty likely. A startling number of couples give love a second chance after being apart for a while, and your own relationship should be no different. But if your ex was the one who broke things off, it’s your responsibility to get her to the point where she misses you and wants you back again.

Old Feelings Die Hard

An important thing to realize is that a woman’s feelings for you will always run strong. In order to break up with you she can’t just turn her feelings off like a faucet… it doesn’t work that way. So what a girl does is take whatever left over emotions she might have toward you after the break up and buries them inside herself. Sometimes she buries them deep, but other times she puts them just beneath the surface. You can tell when a girl still loves you because she’ll turn away quickly and be reluctant to talk to you immediately after the break up, often breaking into tears as a defense mechanism to get away from you. This is because she knows you’re trying to pull those feelings back out and show them to her.

If getting your ex back were simple, you could just dig up those feelings and use them to win her heart again. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. The ideal way of getting back an ex girlfriend is to allow her to rediscover those emotions herself. This isn’t to say you can’t help her by showing your ex where those feelings are buried. There are methods for uncovering the love that your ex still has for you, but you need to do it in a manner that’s slow and subtle. If you come off as too fast, desperate, or overbearing, your ex is going to take three steps back for each one you take forward.


Learning How to Make Her Miss You

Causing your ex to face those emotions will make her miss you, and from there, think about you. Dating you again is the next logical step, as she begins to realize what life will be like without you in it. Many guys are afraid to make a move before asking themselves “Does my ex still love me?” They want definite signs that their exgirlfriend still has feelings for them before they proceed.

To know how good your chances are, you need to examine the way you’ve been treated by your ex girlfriend after the break up. Have you been in contact with your ex? Post-break up communication is usually an indication that one or both of you aren’t over the relationship. If your ex hasn’t called or written you after she ended things, it’s possible she’s trying to move on. The further she gets, the harder it will be to win her back. Although giving your ex some space after the break up – and a period of non-communication – can be instrumental in making her miss you again, there’s also a time when you need to initiate contact yourself. Knowing when and how to do that is crucial, before your ex takes too many steps away from your relationship.

Understanding The Rules of Ex Girlfriend Contact

Don’t be upset if your ex hasn’t called you yet. If her feelings are strong, breaking ties with you might require her to steer clear of you seeing or hearing from you for a while. Some girls do this for fear of relapsing into the relationship. The know their own feelings… and those feelings are so strong, they’re afraid that seeing or hearing from you will destroy their will to continue the break up. But other girls? They’re trying to put you out of their minds for a reason. Getting back into your ex’s head is a necessary part of winning your girlfriend back.

The good news is that if you’re still in touch with your ex, things are looking up. If she’s still emailing or texting you, or even calling to speak to you after she’s ended things, chances are she’s missing your company. Any girl still talking to her ex has still left the door to the relationship open… if only just a crack. There are methods you can use to gently tug on her feelings and emotions toward you, causing that door to slowly swing open. By touching on past memories you shared together and exhibiting behaviors consistent with the very beginning of your relationship, you can put your ex into an entirely different mindset. When you’ve created the type of environment where she’s receptive to the idea of dating you again, you can set up a casual meeting for lunch or coffee. This is a huge step toward getting back together with your girlfriend.

More Signs She Might Want You Back

An even better sign that your ex girlfriend still loves you is her calling just to say hello, without any provocation or message on your part. When that happens, your ex is sitting on the fence, trying to determine whether or not to get back together with you. Part of her wants to see you again, and the other part wants to continue being single. Which part do you get when she calls? It all depends on the timing. Lots of different factors affect your ex girlfriend’s mental state at all different times of the day or week. For example, when she’s lonely and sitting on her bed at night? That’s when she’s most likely to miss you. Choosing these moments of opportunity to make your move can greatly boost your chances of success, but timing isn’t everything… you also need to know what to say, and what to do that will make your ex want you back.

No matter what direction your reconciliation takes you, the best thing to do is

have a plan

. Trying to get your ex back without knowing exactly what you’re doing can destroy what’s left of your relationship and can actually push your girlfriend away. Learn the right and wrong ways to approach your ex, and once you do, execute your plan with confidence.

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