The Importance Of Planning And Investing On Product Display Packaging}

The Importance of Planning and Investing On Product Display Packaging


Jaime Piper

Dump bins are one of the mainstay display products in the retail and merchandising industry and will be found in a large and growing number of shopping establishments.

Dump bins, or bulk bins as they are otherwise known, are flexible display products, commonly used for the bulk display of merchandise. Typically, the items are not neatly stacked in the bins, but rather, they are ‘dumped’ rapidly and randomly inside, hence their name.

They come in many shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials, including wire, cardboard, plastic and wood. Wire is probably the most common material as retailers use bulk bins for products they want to be easily seen by their customers and wire enables this, whether the product is at the top or the bottom of the bin.

Bulk bins are one of the most versatile retail display products as they are reasonably small and can be moved easily and efficiently from one area of a shop to another. Many stores use bulk bins for products which are on special offer, are part of a larger promotion, are nearing their sell-by date or are merely end-of-line and need to be sold quickly to make room for more stock.

Flexibility and ease of use are the key factors when utilising bulk bins. They are easy and very quick to fill as by nature they don’t need to have items stacked in an orderly way – shop staff ‘dump’ products straight in and the display is ready instantly. They can then be located anywhere in a store and are great for supplementing traditional larger products displays. They are also perfect for placement near the checkout area, where they are renowned for stimulating impulse purchases, as any parent of young children will have discovered. There can’t be many of us who haven’t bought a chocolate bar or chewing gum at the checkout just because they were on display in the right place at the right time.

Another key and often under-utilized retail display area is immediately outside the premises and many stores use dump bins for products to be displayed outside their stores. These can be pavement displays or in the case of larger stores, on their own property surrounding the entrance. Having the ability to rapidly change the products they have on show in their outdoor displays means they can continually appeal to passing customers depending on the season, weather, or even the time of day. For a perfect example of this, next time you are shopping make note of how many stores have umbrella displays outside the shop when it’s raining and you can bet on a hot summer’s day, they won’t be there!

Whether you are an independent, boutique retailer with just one store or a larger retailer with multiple stores, dump bins should be an essential item in your merchandising and product display strategy. They are affordable, easily moveable and probably the most versatile piece of equipment you could buy. You can use dump bins for products of all prices, sizes and categories and whatever retail niche you are in, they are ideal.

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