If You Need The Advice Of An Experienced Slip And Fall Lawyer


If you need the advice of an experienced slip and fall lawyer, but you are worried about the expense involved, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t need money up front in many cases. Most slip and fall attorneys are willing to offer potential clients a free consultation. This means that you can usually call with a few details of your case and find out whether the attorney thinks it will be worth pursuing.

The Contingent Fee Basis

If your slip and fall lawyer determines that your case is worth pursuing, you still don’t have to worry about paying any cash up front. Many slip and fall lawyers will agree to take your case on what is referred to as a contingent fee basis. Essentially, this means that you will sign a contract with your attorney that states you will pay them part of your settlement once you receive it.

The amount of a contingent fee is variable and depends on the lawyer, but in many cases it will be around 33 percent of the total settlement. If your case does not result in a settlement, but instead goes to court, you percent of the total award to the attorney should you receive an award in court. While this amount is certainly higher, court awards are traditionally considerably higher than settlements, so you will still be likely to receive a considerable sum even after you pay your lawyer.

Proving Your Case

If you are worried about proving your slip and fall case, your lawyer will take that burden off your shoulders. The attorney will investigate the scene of the accident, take statements, peruse accident reports in depth and do everything in their power to demonstrate how and why you were injured. You may need to do nothing more than make a clear statement to the attorney so they can get a first hand account of your injury. If you need the advice of an experienced slip and fall lawyer, consider contacting a local personal injury lawyer today. A consultation appointment is often free for new clients!

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