Understanding The Need For Reading Glasses

By Suzanne Hughes

We are often left wondering why we may need to have reading glasses. For those who are interested in knowing the reason, here it is in a nutshell below.

The lens of the eye is made up of cell fibers. As we reach 40, the cells that form the lens congregate together, and when more and more fibers unite, the lens becomes less elastic. Hence as the years pass, we often stress our eyes to look closely at words in the newspapers, yellow pages, online, etcetera.

Help for Stressed Eyes

The traditional answer to such an issue with the vision was the reading glass which evolved in to reading glasses over time. Moreover, many people who were nearsighted in their young age would discover that they must wear bifocal or trifocal lens as they grow older. Sometimes they might prefer to use reading glasses over their contact lens in a way to accommodate their nearsightedness and presbyopia.


More helpful tips for todays stressed eyes are:

1) If reading becomes difficult, approach an optometrist to have your eyes tested and ask about a prescription for reading glasses. If you are already using glasses for being nearsighted, ask about getting tested for a different or revised prescription for some changes in the lenses you are using.

2) If you tend to be holding the book far from your eyes to read them you need to realize that you probably need reading glasses. If your mom, granny, dad, uncle, aunt or neighbor is doing this, again you need to tell them it is time to check their eyes to have the reading glasses ordered.

3) Reading glasses are available in all types of stylish makes and models. So if you are fashion conscious, there is a frame that will look great on you. Consult your friends about what would look good on you. None of us can deny the new Learned Man or Woman Look that you will get when wearing your new reading glasses.

Truly there is nothing to feel bad about having to wear reading glasses, because otherwise, you might not be able to locate a place in the map or be able to read some words in a new book. Learn to look at things a different way. Think of people who are blind by birth, little children who have never known what vision means at all. By wearing just a pair of reading glasses you are back to seeing letters normally. In fact, you can feel better knowing that you are suffering any major eye diseases.

For those who may suffer even a temporary psychological depression upon hearing that they are requiring to wear reading glasses, look at it in a positive manner and you will be glad you are wearing them versus not being able to see. Gone are the days when you should feel bad about wearing reading glasses, rather you can instead now feel happy and feel stylish.

Reading glasses are available in many interesting and exciting models which can include tiny foldable readers that are as compact as a pen drive. They are also available in holders that can be kept compact in the wallet and have a of other styles and features. Shop around online and enough comparisons. Then try a nice new stylish pair of reading glasses today!

About the Author: Suzanne Hughes is a style expert who and enjoys helping people find a pair of

reading glasses

that will make them look and feel proud to wear eyeglasses. Visit her online at http://www.readinstyle.com/catalog/DesignerReadingGlasses.aspx



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