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Heather P. Knight

One of the easiest and simplest ways to manage Twitter accounts and to increase the targeted Twitter followers legitimately is by using Tweet Adder.

In this Tweet Adder Review we are going to have a look what Tweet Adder is and whether it will be beneficial in helping you with the promotion of your website, products and services on Twitter.

If one read a Tweet Adder Review, then he or she will come to know about it and what it is used for.

A Social Site like Twitter has become not only a means of keeping informed about oneself but also has become a means to promote ourselves, our products and business too.

This is the main reason why people want to add more and more followers to their business as the followers who follow are potential clients and buyers of the future.

Maintaining a Twitter account and keeping it updated it a hectic process. People who want to add more and more followers need to work even more get the desired results, for this reason you might find this Tweet Adder Review rather helpful.

To lessen the burden Tweet Adder take the help of several Twitter account management tools available in the market and combine it into one very effective tool. From all the Twitter Marketing Tools on the market Tweet Adder is the most popular and most reliable.


With all the recent Google updates Tweet Adder was the only Twitter Marketing Tool that went through these updates without any sort of problem. It is a known fact that a majority of questionable Twitter Marketing Tools closed their doors due to the questionable operation methods they used.

One Two Five Me and many other successful Online Marketers and legitimate websites has been making use of Tweet Adder for years. It is without a doubt the most preferred and the most reliable Twitter Marketing Tool that you will find.

It is one of the most popular automated account management tools available in the market which help in getting followers quickly. The reason for its popularity is it comes with step by step how to use instructions and one needs not to be an expert to use it.

It comes with several options and features which are helpful in promoting and marketing one s business. It has an auto follow and auto un-follow option which enables a user to add followers of his interest and block the undesirable.

It has this unique ability to un-follow the users who do not follow back. There are many advantages of using this tool. A person is able to set up as many as 10-20 accounts at a time and manage them with ease. Multiple accounts can be operated at one time in the background.

The Cost

This software is available for nominal onetime payment only. It does not need any monthly subscription. It is the most economic and effortless was to multiply one s twitter followers.

This tool helps in finding the followers according to the search criteria picked by us. Or in other words it enables a person to focus on and to find the target followers easily. It provides the user with a list of a number of twitter users to select the users of his/her choice from.

Sending direct messages repeatedly to the same user is not allowed in twitter. Doing that repeatedly may invite a ban too. One Two Five Me can confirm in this Tweet Adder Review that Tweet Adder does not repeat direct messages as it eliminates the accounts which have already received the messages.

Getting Followers

It sends messages to all the users and then comes again to the first person. One can have different version of each tweet which the most important function of this tool. Any message can be created and sent to one s followers at a regular time interval chosen by the user.

Followers with specific interests and preferences who match the need of the user can be found easily as this software provides a unique filtering facility. A single message can be sent to several followers without the need of logging into all their accounts.

Scheduling of tweets is possible too and it saves a lot of time with its unique in built link shortening facility. This tool does not bring mere followers but it brings real followers who are targeted by the user according to their specific interests.

Building of base by social media marketers on their own has become obsolete now as it takes too much time to identify the users and add them. An automated program like Tweet Adder tells that it works fast and saves much of one s time. The fact that it does not use API is more advantageous as one can do more with this tool than those who us API.

Free Trail Period

It is touted as the most powerful of all other tools available in the market because by using it one can set the required parameters for which he or she is targeting. It is laser targeted has integrated six target search tools from all over the world.

This makes it the most comprehensive tool in this business. A number of businesses in the world today are developing their business by the use of this tool. This software is completely compatible with both Windows and Mac. And most important of all this is available on a trial offer too. If the user is satisfied then he may opt for full featured paid version by subscribing to it.


With the conclusion of this Tweet Adder Review we can tell you that the safety features build into Tweet Adder is the main reason we have been making use of them for many years. There is a reason why Tweet Adder has been around for many years while we have seen other Twitter Marketing Tools come and go.

If you are looking for a Twitter Marketing Tool that is completely legitimate and will help you with your daily Twitter tasks of following, users, unfollowing users, Tweeting your website articles or blogpost and many more features then it might be worth to give the Tweet Adder Free Trail as testdrive.

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