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Amanvana Spa, Coorg Resort is now featured on Salon International July 2016 Magazine.

A luxurious spa on the bank of the Kaveri River in Coorg, The Sunken Spa at Amanvana Spa Resort is straight out of a postcard! The picturesque design dynamics have harmoniously fused flora and fauna with water to soothe your senses and centre your soul.

Size of the spa: 6,000 sqft

Time taken to construct the spa: Around two years.

About the spa: Set among tropical grounds on the banks of the Kaveri river, the luxe resort, Amanvana Spa boasts of being home to 45 species of birds and 300 species of flora and fauna. The space transcends one from the hustle bustle of the city to the elusive beauty of nature. The spa, suitably named The Sunken Spa, is located slightly below ground level. As you descend the steps that lead to it, you enter an enchanting and relaxing world. The charming plush interiors, frog whispers from the lotus pool and smiling faces of their caring staff welcome one to simply relax.


About the services: Amanvana is a spa and resort destination where one can enjoy a truly comprehensive list of spa therapies. The Sunken Spa offers facials, body scrubs, soaks and baths, full body massages, manicure and pedicure. All products used at the spa in Amanvana are completely natural and the spa treatments are truly unparalleled among the various resorts in Coorg. It takes a 360 approach to wellness through a wide range of therapies, administered by our expert staff. There are five treatment rooms, not including the sauna and steam rooms.

Popular treatments: The signature facial therapy of The Sunken Spa is the Wine Facial that brightens the skin, evens the skin tone and restores its radiance. This wine treatment is the best, as it soothes the pores of the skin while the fi bro blast cells in them regain their elasticity leaving it fresh, gleaming and full of life. This anti-ageing facial is a nurturing facial that’s designed to reconstruct the firmness of your skin, enhance its density, restore its nutrition and deliver a radiant glow. It leverages powerful and complete anti-ageing systems, therapeutic aroma oil blends, herbs, B-white and rose oil. The duration of this facial is 90 minutes and the products used are cleansing milk, strawberry scrub, aloe vera gel, anti-tan pack, wine massage cream, wine glow pack and rose water.

A few of the other well-loved therapies are the Coorg Coffee Scrub is a specialized therapy created from finely ground local coffee beans, handpicked from their own coffee plantations at Amanvana. Slip into bliss as your senses savor the rich aroma as your skin is both cleansed and refreshed leaving it supple, toxin free and rejuvenated.

The Almond and Fresh Fruit Scrub is a wholesome therapy created through the combined goodness of pounded almonds and fresh fruits to give you soft, supple and de-tanned skin that’s refreshed in every way.

Architect: The spa was designed by Zedaxis/ Third Space Architects.

The principal architect is Amit Benegal. The interiors were designed by Kuala Lumpur-based spa consultant, Reeta Juneja.

The spa is dedicated to bringing the highest quality products and treatments to our discerning guests. The spa is unique combination where nature meets luxury.

The Sunken Spa has the River Kaveri flowing close by thereby enhancing the beauty of an already beautiful space.

Kavya Madappa,

Managing Director, Amanvana Spa


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