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The demand for IT specialists is growing rapidly in today\’s age of technology. Here are just some of the many fields that are out there for people with IT skills.

Networking & Internetworking: Creating and designing networks and systems, internetworking technicians install and maintain programs for network routers, hubs and switches. In many cases, they help troubleshoot problems for individuals and companies.

Database Development & Administration: Knowledge of SQL server, oracle, Database administration and how to organize data.

Programming Development tools, languages: Knowledge of programming languages e.g.: C,C++, Java etc.

Technical writing: This position often involves creating or editing technical papers or manuals. This position often requires that the individual has a basic understanding about the subject being written about and have good writing skills.


Webmasters or Web Designer: A job where a person creates, maintains, or completely designs a web page. For basic web designing positions you should have a good understanding of HTML, the Internet, and web servers. More advanced positions where you will be working with more advanced web pages and not just static web pages may also require that you be familiar with such things as CGI, CSS, Flash,FTP, Linux, Perl, PHP, RSS, SSI, Unix, or XHTML.

Technical Support (Technician or Help Desk): Helping an end-user or company employee with their computers, software program, and hardware device. A technical support position is a great first step for people interested in working in the computer industry. A basic understanding of computers, computer\’s software, and hardware.

3D Animation or Graphic design: A position where you design and create either a graphic or 3D animations for software programs, games, movies, web pages, etc. Position may also require that you work on existing graphics, animations, movies, etc. done by other people.

Data Entry: A job that commonly requires the employee to take information from a hard copy or other source and enter it into an electronic format. Position may also be taking electronic data and entering it into a database for easy sorting and locating. Requires someone capable of typing 40-50 or more WPM, familiarity with computer, and usually requires familiarity with a word processors.

Database A job that requires creating, testing, and maintaining one or more database. Requires a familiarity with or extensive knowledge of databases at the place of employment. For example, Access,FoxPro, MySQL, SQL, and Sybase.

Customer service: Helping customers with general questions relating to the company, ordering, status on orders, account information or status, etc. Good communication skills and a general understanding of the company and its products.

Hardware: A position as a hardware designer, circuit design, embedded systems, firmware, etc. is a job that requires you to design and create a complete hardware package or portions of a hardware device.

Networking or System Administrator Computer networking jobs involve designing, setting up, and maintaining a network. Although most users today have their own home networks, setting up, troubleshooting, and maintaining a corporate network can be a much more complicated task. Often, networking jobs also require a good understanding of how a network works, and in some cases how all the underlying protocols and structure of how networks work.

Programmer or Software developera job that requires the development or continued development and maintenance of a software program. A basic to extensive understanding of a programming language. Because most job positions will require a person to develop sections of a program or the whole program, they often require several years of past experience or a degree before even considering you.

Quality Assurance (QA), System analyst or Tester: This job requires that the employee test out all features of a product for any problems or usability issues. Requires that the person have a good understanding of computer software, hardware, and the product being tested.

Security expert Test and find vulnerabilities in a system, hardware device, or software program. This position is for someone who has a strong familiarity with how software, hardware, and networks work and how to exploit them. Often, you will need to have a good understanding of how the overall system works as well as good programming skills.

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