6 Promising Health Insurance Options For College Students

By Danica Reynes

Some of the health insurance options available for college students are health insurance provided by the college, individual insurance policies, your parent’s insurance, group health insurance from a former employer, Medicaid, and the state’s insurance pool.

Anyone considering higher education needs to learn about certain basics and plan accordingly. One item you need to think about is health coverage. It’s a good idea to be prepared for accidents and illnesses because you have no protection from them by virtue of being a college student. California insurance quote is a good source for college students to determine what options they have for obtaining health insurance. Planning will be made simple if one is well informed of the available alternatives. You may consider these alternatives for medical coverage:

Universities offer health insurance

Sometimes schools will partner up with different insurance agencies in order to offer students discount rates! Ask at the admission office of the college you plan to attend if such things are made available. In addition, you need to inquire about the insurance available to you. Most people need a comprehensive policy that will cover routine visits to your campus health center, medical specialists and standard tests.

Individual coverage plan


You can also buy an individual insurance policy if you can afford it. For individual policies, you may have to get a complete physical exam and pay a lot. You can contact a health insurance agent or broker for further details and to learn more about the options that are available to you.

Get on your parents’ plan

If your parents have health insurance, you can ask them if you can remain on their plan as a dependent child. As per the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, dependents are allowed to stay on their parents’ health insurance until they are 26. However, children who are eligible for employer health coverage will not qualify. To determine if your parents’ insurance is part of a Health Maintenance Organization, you may need more information. The majority of HMO’s will only offer full coverage in the areas that the policyholder is living or in a small area around that place.

Group health insurance from a former employer

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is a federal law which applies to you if you were covered by a group health insurance policy provided for you by your former employer. When you pay the premiums, you may use the same health insurance for at least one and a half year.

Information About Medicaid

Presently, Medicaid is the largest source of health and medical funding for people with limited resources in the United States. Medicaid may be suitable for you if you have low family income and resources, if are suffering from a disability or have high medical bills.

State’s insurance pool

For those who can not purchase their own health insurance or are not eligible for Medicaid, some states offer special health plans.

Always think ahead as you prepare for your higher education, since so many decisions you make at this point in time are likely to influence your life’s outcome. The course of one’s college life, and indeed, one’s overall life, is definitely made much smoother when one has health insurance.

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