Handmade Graduation Card Ideas

By Gloria Pouch

Graduation time is now upon us. Students from different schools, who have worked and studied hard in their chosen field, are about to walk across the stage and take hold of their much earned diploma, certificate, or degree.

Graduations are are such a special time in a person’s life. Whether the student is graduating from high school, medical school, or cosmetology school – it is a great achievement and a proud moment for their family and friends. If you have a special graduate in your life who is going to make their own special journey forward, then why not celebrate with them by making a handmade graduation card?

Handmade graduation cards do not have to be decorated with the traditional graduation caps and tassels or rolled up scroll, they can be created with your special graduate in mind. Taking some time to make a custom homemade graduation card for your graduate will be a special and memorable gesture.

Here are some creative graduation greeting cards ideas that might help to spark an idea of your own:

* Did your graduate complete his or her studies in an interesting major? Can you incorporate some part of their chosen major into a handmade card? For instance, if they graduated with an English major, then maybe you can decorate the front of the card to resemble dictionary entries with words like congratulations, graduate, honor, and other uplifting terms. Or if they graduated with a degree in geography you can decorate the front of the card with a cool topography or antique map.

* What school did the graduate attend? If you are familiar with the school, maybe you can incorporate the school mascot or school colors into the card. Does the school have a neat slogan that you can borrow to use on the front of the card? Incorporating aspects of the school into the card will be a fun way to personalize your congratulations and if the graduate is preparing a scrapbook of their college years, then it would be easy to include the card to represent their alma mater.

* Does the graduate have grand plans for the near future? Will your graduate be traveling after graduation? Or maybe they are planning on moving or getting married? Consider incorporating an aspect of their near future into their graduation card. Let them know that you are proud of them and know that they have some exciting things lined up for their future.

* Did your graduate complete specialized schooling? Did he or she attend law school or medical school? Can you decorate the handmade graduation card to reflect their chosen specialty? How about including a judge’s mallet or stethoscope on the front of the card? Little fun items to reflect their interests is a great way to make your handmade graduation card stand out.

Finding a fun way to congratulate your graduate can be a real exercise in creativity. If you are still stuck for ideas, try brainstorming answers to some of questions asked above to see if you can find a special angle with which to make your own creative handmade graduation card. Regardless of how you decide to create it, your graduate will appreciate the extra thought and effort you put into the handmade card.

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