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If you are looking for some high quality borsa donna that wont put a hole in your pocket, Giulia is the place to go. Good quality handbags that are also less expensive than designer bags are hard to find nowadays. Most good quality handbags are designer pieces that are often out of many peoples league. Also, most of the inexpensive handbags we have nowadays are poor in quality. Most of the time, you will be able to use them a few times and then they die: ripped straps, shedding leather, stains and the likes. But with Giulia, you can have a handbag that is not just stylish but also good quality and less expensive.

Giulia takes pride in making handbags that are made out of real, genuine leather. Thus, you are sure such handbags are durable and sturdy. Also, they make sure that each item they have are at par with designer handbag standards to ensure client satisfaction. If you are looking for the perfect borsa donna or womens handbag, you dont have to look further as Giulia is here to offer you that.

The company caters to a wide range of style preference. They have classic designs, dainty and feminine, as well as bold and striking. All of which beg to differ and each piece surely demands attention from people. One of their most striking pieces is the Handbag Leather Totora. If you are a fan of the oh-so-famous Hermes Birkin bag, then you will definitely love this one even more as it is sold for a fraction of the cost of Hermes.

This bag aims to be noticed. Who wouldnt upon seeing how the cow leather is polished to perfection and the texture? If you like handbags that are perfectly structured and appropriate for the workplace, then this bag is the one for you. It is large enough to carry a handful of things that you might need for your work while at the same time keeping you looking polished, elegant and business-appropriate. It measures 34cm in width, 26cm in height and 16 cm in length. It also comes with a shoulder strap that is not adjustable but long enough for you to carry as a shoulder bag. The straps measure 99cm long. It also comes with bag handles that measure 12 cm long for when you want to carry it as a handbag. There are also a bunch of add-ons and compartments which makes it a very functional and organized bag to have. It has one large compartment for all your essentials, another main zipper pocket inside and one side zipper. It also comes with a leather phone holder to secure and protect your mobile phone. There is another zipper pocket located at the back for storing essential items that you need to find immediately.

This style of borsa donna is definitely one that every working women ought to have. It is very functional with a bunch of compartments as well as a large main compartment that can hold much of your work essentials. It is also a timeless piece that you can wear over and over again ensuring that you get your moneys worth.

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