Xtep Development Effort To Promote The Brand Marathon

Xtep development effort to promote the brand marathon



Recently, this reporter from the special step (China) Co., Ltd. was informed that the company became China’s total Zhengkai International Marathon title sponsor and the sole equipment supplier, Jian Zhen of China Yangzhou International Marathon (Half) of the top tournament partners and sole equipment sponsor. At the same time, special steps are also in Taipei and the Taipei International Marathon, “National Road” Marathon’s top partners and the sole equipment sponsor.

Thus, together with previous Xiamen International Marathon, Half Marathon in Tibet, Xi’an City Wall Marathon, Taiyuan International Marathon, and the continuous hand Xtep 2010-2013 Hangzhou International Marathon for four years, eight cities in the country this year sponsored by Marathon Special steps have been right to get.


In recent years, special steps to invest in running the project a lot of energy, the project has become a running direction of the core sports brand, it also contributed to the project special step in the marathon to continue to exert an important reason. Earlier this year, winning Cheng, special steps, Yangzhou and Taipei Marathon sponsorship, will be running further to form the core of the brand extension model.

Prior to this, special steps already have a lot of resources to the advantage of running the project, special steps have sponsored the “world’s best track,” the title of the Xiamen International Marathon, with “the highest elevation of the track” Half Marathon title in Tibet, a ” the oldest and most historic charm of the track, “the title of the Xi’an City Wall Marathon. It is worth mentioning that last year, special steps also became the league’s top track and field events diamond partners in running the project, these resources have formed a pyramid tournament, including both the full marathon in interactive projects, but also can feel the speed and passion of sports events.

From now on, the brand image in the special steps, consumers can not only taste of the people touched by the perseverance and tenacity, but also enjoy full speed and explosive shock. Special steps in running the project has become more abundant resources, and even said to be “led the way.” It is like the special step (China) D wave, President of the words: “Running step program is the core of special sports, our aim is to enable consumers to mention running, we can think of special steps.”

Not only that, caring person and you can see, since the end of 2009, special focus on the CCTV step is, all provincial-level TV and print ads across the country resources, setting off an avalanche of “love running, Actel steps “wave. According to reports, special steps are exclusively designed smart running shoes into the market in 2011. The intelligent running shoes with the Silicon Valley chip technology, and mobile phones, computer back-connected, can be run automatically record the frequency of consumption of calories and other basic data movement, will bring more people love running different running experience.

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