Making Sense Of The Different Types Of Doors A Commercial Door Contractor In Lebanon Ohio Installs

on February 9, 2019

byAlma Abell

A commercial door contractor in Lebanon Ohio can assist their client with the type of door that should be used for their building. There are so many types of doors to choose from that it can get confusing for some customers. Fortunately, choices can be narrowed down and then a property owner or manager can make a selection.

Is Visibility Needed?

For the most part, commercial garage doors aren’t known for offering visibility. A residential garage door might have a single window, but commercial doors usually don’t have any windows. If a property owner desires visibility, they can purchase a sectional door with glass that’s framed. The door can be constructed out of aluminum. Aluminum is a material that is lightweight and very durable. With aluminum, corrosion isn’t going to be a problem. Aluminum is also easy to maintain. Contact us to find out more about garage doors.

Is Fire A Concern?

A commercial door contractor in Lebanon Ohio can also be used to install a fire-rated door. A fire-rated door has to meet certain standards. Fire-rated doors can look very similar to other steel doors. The ratings can vary from door to door, so a customer will have to be specific when telling a contractor exactly what they need.

Other Door Types

There are steel doors that are insulated. When a door is insulated, it can provide better temperature control. Rolling shutter doors can be installed in areas that get a lot of foot traffic. Tornados tend to happen in Ohio in the spring months, so property owners who are worried about high winds can opt for wind load doors. Much like fire-rated doors, wind load doors can have different capabilities. Sheet doors can be used for narrow garages that might be used for storage solutions.

Property owners have to also think about color, style, and costs when they are selecting garage doors. Garage doors that are more difficult to install will cost more money. Also, high-quality materials will add to the cost of garage doors. A property owner should get all of their estimates in writing when they are shopping around for new commercial doors.

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